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Dear valued customers,

We hope that you and your loved ones are all staying safe and healthy, now more than ever. With everything that is going on in the world, our loved ones are the ones that we lean on and, that includes our furry friends. We are happy to announce that all three of our locations have reopened! Each of our locations are now providing all of your grooming, bathing and, walk-in needs. Our Hillsdale Ave location is also providing all of your pets food and supply needs. We are doing everything in our power to help keep our staff and, your furry companions safe, happy and, healthy. A lot has changed in the world but, we are fortunate enough to say that we are already following all of the new health code guide lines. Our top priority is to ensure that we are still a safe and loving environment for your pets!

With all that is going on and, all of the new information that is released daily, it’s harder to navigate what is accurate and also, what is true. We have multiple sources, directly from Santa Clara County as well as the State of California. Our team is dedicated to staying on top of all new regulations and restricts as soon as they are released. In accordance with the State of California and Santa Clara Counties most recent list of Essential workforce, we are still in business. Here is the link for the California Essential Workforce List.


Here is the list for Santa Clara County.  We are doing our best to continue the highest level of service possible. We are continuing to enforcing that our clients do take their collars and leashes home with them and, at time of drop off, we are exchanging them with our own personal leads. Each lead is promptly sanitized after each use to ensure that there is no spread of germs. We are also wiping down and sanitizing our counters, our kennels and tables, and our register after each pet and parent. We are working to keep our families and yours safe.

There are a few new changes that we are introducing in order to help minimize contact as well. We have Google and Apple Pay and are now offering Venmo and Paypal.  Here are the links for both our Venmo  @Qualitypetspot and Paypal Not only does this minimize the contact that you have with others but, it also helps to keep our clients exposed to less by making the pick-up of your pets more timely. We also ask at this time if you or, any member of your household is sick or showing signs to please, stay home and get well. We are open and are more than happy to help once you feel better. This also helps to minimize any potential risks that for all who may be in contact with you.

We want to personally thank each and every one of our furry friends and, their pet parents that bring them in. There is nothing more important in this time of sorrow then remembering what matters to us the most. Pets are not only our companions but, they are our family. From our families to yours we hope that you are safe and healthy.




Thank you,

Quality Pet Spot Team

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