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First Aid Training

Sunday, May 5th


  • Be Ready for the New Groomer Laws

  • PPGSA Standards of Care & Safety.

(Earn a CE Voucher)

$25  (free to IPG or CPPGA members)




  • Includes a Pet First Aid Book

  • Hands on practice in this interactive class

  • Includes first aid for cats and dogs

  • CPR and emergency preparedness

  • Earn a 2-year First Aid CertificatioN

$129  ( $99 for IPG or CPPGA members)

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Starting at $45***

By appointment only


  • Bath with Oatmeal shampoo

  • Glands expressed (upon request)

  • Nails clipped & filed

  • Ears plucked & cleaned

  • 15 minute brush-out

  • Sanitary, Face, Feet, Pads, and Feathers Trimmed


SMALL (1-19 LBS)



MEDIUM (20-50 LBS)



LARGE (51-99 LBS)





Pampered Pooch Package: $15


Choice of three add-ons


Spoiled Rotten Package: $20


Choice of five add-ons


Flea Treatment: $10-$25***


Specialized shampoo to kill fleas that are on your pup, and conditioner to help soothe your dog's skin. Treatment does not prevent fleas from coming back. If you plan to use a topical flea preventative, it's recommended to wait 48 hrs after treatment so natural body oils can restore.


De-shed/Shedless Treatment: $10-$25***


Is your house covered in hair? Does it seem like your clothes have more fur than your dog? If so, try our De-shed/Shedless treatment. It's a specialized shampoo and conditioner that loosens up all of that undercoat, then we brush it all out. We recommend this treatment instead of shaving your double-coated pooch as it will reduce shedding and not damage your pup's coat.


De-skunk Treatment: $15-$30***


Did Fido have a run-in with a skunk? Our De-skunk treatment can help with that. It will greatly reduce or eliminate the scent that Pepe Le Pew has left on your pup.


Express/Zoom Groom: $20-40***


Your dog is groomed from start to finish without any interruptions. Typically between 1 1/2 - 3 hrs depending on breed. This service can only be requested while scheduling an appointment, so we can plan accordingly.


***Price is determined by size

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