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No Show/No Call(Cancellation)
As a small business, it is very important that we fill every appointment opening to help keep our doors open. Therefore, if you fail to show up or cancel an appointment, there will be a $40 fee added to your next appointment. If this occurs more than twice, you will be required to pre-pay for any future appointments.The pre-pay will be non-refundable if you miss that appointment as well. Our cancellation policy is 24 hrs. notice to provide us ample time to fill that appointment opening. 


  • Drop off: Our scheduling process is set up in a way so that both dogs and groomers alike are comfortable, and also so your dog(s) won’t be at the salon for long periods of time. Because of this method, it’s very important that you drop off your dog(s) on time for your appointment; as being late to an appointment causes us to become backed-up on other appointments. If you are late, there will be a fee added to your bill determined by the amount of time. 
    After 15 minutes: $5 fee
    After 20 minutes: $10 fee
    30 minutes or more: $20+ fee
    We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule any late appointment at any time. 


  • Pick up: We pride ourselves in our quick turnaround as we find that it’s a better situation for our four legged clients, and while we love spending time with your pup(s), we feel that it’s best not to keep them longer than we have to. With that being said, when the grooming process is almost complete, we will call and give you a head’s up(typically 15-20 minutes beforehand), and you will have an hour after completion time to come pick up your furry friend(s). After that initial hour, there will be a fee or fees added to your bill. 
    Before closing: $20/hr.fee. 
    After closing: $20 per 15 minutes fee. 


  • Fleas
    If during the grooming process we find that your pup has fleas unbeknownst to youatcheck in, we will call and inform you then immediately give a flea treatment. This is to prevent any other dogs in our care from getting them.There’s an additional charge for this service. If you don’t want to pay the additional charge, you will be required to pick up your pet within 15 minutes. There will be a boarding fee if you pick up your pet after 15 minutes.

    Special Handling
    As groomers, we know that each dog is different and are aware that some are more difficult to groom than others. While we will take in any dog regardless of age or temperament, you may be charged an additional fee because of your dog’s temperament or if it requires 2 groomers to complete the grooming process. The fee will be determined on a case by case basis, but it’s typically between $20-$40. 

    Our basic packages include a 15 minute brush out. If it takes longer than 15 minutes to de-mat your pup, you will be charged a de-matting fee which will be determined by the amount of time it takes to de-mat. The fee is $30 per 15 minutes or $120/hr. If we find that the matting is too severe to be brushed out and needs to be shaved, we will inform you either at check in or during the de-mat process. You will be charged a shave-down fee as your pup will need to receive two haircuts: one before the bath and another after the bath to clean up the cut. The shave-down fee will also be determined by how long it takes to remove the mats, with a minimal charge of $20.

    We know that going to the groomers can be a stressful situation for our furry friends. We at Quality Pet Spot try to make the grooming process as comfortable as possible for them. If we feel that your pup is overly stressed out, we reserve the right to stop the grooming process at any time regardless if the groom/bath is complete in your pup’s best interest so as to not traumatize them. You are more than welcomed to reschedule their appointment for another day(preferably a slow one) and we will try again to finish the groom.

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